A Ball, a Breakdown, and a Basket Case

So, I made like a Crawley and attended a ball.

Friday night brought the annual Air Force Ball, and I’m pretty sure I put more effort into getting ready for this shindig than I did my own wedding. Such is life when you’re much closer to 40 than 20.


Since my husband and I almost never get the opportunity to go on genuINE dates, it was bliss to be with him out on the town. But I’m not gonna lie: I always feel a little out of place at these events, largely because infinite possibilities exist for me to make a fool of myself.

Remember the show Designing Women? Remember the episode when Charlene, while visiting Bill’s snobby-and-uber-formal Southern family, tried drinking her soup from the ladle rather than her soup spoon? And then she drops said ladle of soup all over her lap?  Ya, that’s the kind of thing I find myself accidentally doing at formal events.

{For your entertainment enjoyment, here is the portion of that episode I am referring to. And if you are reading this via email or a reader, click here to watch.}

Thankfully, damage done at this ball was pretty mild. I used the wrong fork only once and almost shot my shrimp kabob onto my neighbor’s plate. Well, I did take a couple sneaky pictures of a dress or two I liked. But that’s more a compliment to the women wearing them than a faux pas, right?

At any rate, it was fun to don a beaded gown, have someone play with my hair and make-up {thanks Alli and Katie!} and pretend to be Mary Crawley for the night.

Speaking of Mary Crawley, I am still mourning over Downton Abbey‘s season three conclusion. I’d felt trembles of what was coming through this source and that article, but I didn’t want to believe them. I am hoping the ending was all a big mistake, or that a certain somebody will come back in the shower next season á la Bobby Ewing. Either way, I find it humorous that I am still going through the stages of grief like the characters on this show are real.

One thing that *is* real: I will be giving a radio interview on WBCL 90.3 based out of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. The program is a live talk show called Mid-Morning with the super darling Lynne and Bekah, and it will air around 10:10 EST tomorrow. If you don’t live in that part of the country, you can listen via live streaming on their website. They also archive their shows, so you can listen afterwards, too.

Lots of bloggers do these kinds of interviews, and they make it sound as natural as breathing {I’m looking at you Emily, Holley, Tsh, and Lisa-Jo.} But it will be my first of this nature, and I’m a bit of a basket case over it. I feel all thumbs, or rather all ummms and awkward laughter at inappropriate times. So if you wouldn’t mind saying a prayer for me, especially at about 10am tomorrow EST {Wednesday} morning, I would be forever grateful.

And just as a reminder, Thursday will be our second annual Out of the Blue link-up! The prompt for this week is:

Share with us a surprise friendship God brought you, one you didn’t necessarily anticipate forming.

I so enjoyed reading every single person’s post from last week. They were thoughtful, creative, and surprisingly diverse! I hope you’ll stop by this Thursday to share you words about your special friend, and how God surprised you with his or her unexpected friendship.

I love you, darlings. Have an amazing week.

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  1. says

    You’ll be great on Mid-Morning! Lynn and Bekah are both awesome and so easy to chat with! Just picture it as a conversation between you and a few of your closest girlfriends! I’ll be on Mid-Morning right after you tomorrow! :)

  2. Karen H. says

    How exciting for you Kristen! I’ll be listening and praying for you in the morning. I think that you should definitely wear those sparkly shoes during the interview – they’re sure to make you feel extra special:)) Good luck and congratulations on tackling a new adventure!

  3. says

    i am experiencing downton abbey vicariously through my twin sister. trust me. she feels your pain. i came across a great political cartoon in which a PBS rep is holding a gun to a script and says, “pledge now or another character from downton abbey dies.”

    hope your interview goes well!

  4. says

    The first sentence of this post is absolutely fantastic. Fancy events are so much fun, and I’m completely with you, it just makes me feel like a character in a fancy historical drama, though I would usually rather be one of the staff.

  5. says

    I’m attending my first ever ball in April at I’m a terrible mess. I’m so much more happier in my jeans and tees that a dress. I’m getting myself all worked up even though I know I’m attending with good friends and its a fabulous cause.

    As for your interview I’m sure you will be amazing your sweet heart is evident in all that you do xxx