A Gift for the New Baby Prince


I am rather fond of the Royal family.

As a little girl, I ate cinnamon rolls and watched Prince Charles and Lady Diana marry, and on a barely awake April morning my own little girl and I watched Kate Middleton and Prince William marry.

{And if Princess Kate or Pippa ever grace the cover of People, the glossy magazine jumps off the check out aisle into my cart.}

And now the Royal family has a new baby prince! Welcome to the world, His Royal Highness!

Little prince, on these your introductory hours to this wide-eyed world, I want to offer you a quiet blessing.

Your life will surely be most uncommon, but what brings real joy is common to every person, poor or privileged. And while I pray your life sings of close family relationships, friends that are for you, and contentment in your castles, I pray you know the serenade of the Savior Who sings over you. And when the world tries to arm wrestle you with its agenda, may you seek the arms of the One who loves you because you’re you, not because you’re royalty.

That’s a gift fit for a prince.

And for the rest of us, too.

Wonderful reads for the new Mum:

Don’t Get a Mom Bob and Other Advice for Princess Kate by Jessica Turner (and contributing bloggers including yours truly.)

A Letter to Kate: 7 Ways to Labor & Deliver Your Best Life by Ann Voskamp

Tell me! Did you too stalk the news yesterday?

{Waving to you, subscribers! Click here to leave a comment.}

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  1. Susan G. says

    This was great! All the other writers were fabulous too! Yes, I was waiting excitedly online for the news of the new prince or princess! I will be praying for all of them as well!

  2. iamhere says

    As always ypu said it so well purely and beautifully. I did not even know till a day after embarssed mentioning ot to a bank clerk.Hearing it breifly on the car news. Without TV to save funds for better moments to enjoy life.All that anxious agenda 1st years grand settling by ocean mountains spectacular views and nearer reuniting my own family all the woes and blessings hurried to make trusting close friend(s).INow in my own JR. senior season I could only slightly imagine what Kate’s private life would be especially to give birth having to share this so publically. That she finds moments of glourious peace together in the loving embrace of her 2 princes just cherishing they savour this joy of rebirth especially William.To ask the spirit of Jesus into being part raising their child as the Godshield of their lives.