A Prayer for Sons {For All the Things I Forget to Remember}


You both ask if I’ll bring in celebratory birthday donuts to school, and with a wave of my hand I say no problem, boys. I’ll get them first thing. You kindly request ten vanilla frosted, ten chocolate frosted, and ten sprinkled.

Got it.

But I know I’ve missed too much.

I’ve neglected to pray too much. Sure, I’ve prayed over you as you sleep and next to you before you eat or take a test or start something new. But I’ve also let opportunity after opportunity slide. As of this year, I’ve only got five years left with you under this roof – one year for each finger on one hand. A literal handful of time to cover things I’ve undoubtedly forgotten.

Heaven help me, I need to remember.

I glance at your birthday cake. Yep, there’s usually room for more cake, but there’s always room for more prayers. And today I pray this over each of you, my sons:

IMG_1027 copy

Dear Father in Heaven,

Bring to my mind all the things I forget to remember…

About his heart. When the world wants to woo him towards its agenda, may he stay wrapped in Your Word. May his heart wisely bend towards compassion and away from cynicism all while keeping a healthy dose of common sense.

About being a real man. May he know real men show their muscle through solid character, strapping minds, and kind hearts.

About how to treat a woman. No matter the age, may he uphold all women as something of invaluable worth. If he’s in a group that smells of boys will be boys, then may he run in the opposite direction and never look back. And if it’s Your will for him to marry? Give him a heart to love his future bride like Jesus loves His.

About whom to defend and how. Lord, keep his eyes and heart open to the least of these. When a crowd gathers to bully the weak, may my son be the one who speaks up for him, for the underdog and the friendless. May he be one who fuels the light placed in each person and not one to snuff it out.

About choices. Give him long range vision, Lord, to do what’s best for always rather than what feels good today. And may he always see that the only way to climb up is to kneel down.

About fear and rest. Lord, may my son be a man who isn’t afraid to fly as high and as far as You want to take him, and may he know he has a home for rest.

About failure. Help me teach my son that failure isn’t a reason to hang his head in shame but to hold onto hope. Failure isn’t a dead end road but a wide open field filled with opportunities to reach out to Christ and seek His direction. Help him not take himself too seriously and know that You have a plan for him beyond anything he could imagine.

About home. May my son know that their dad and I are always and forever for him. And when he is all grown-up, may each son visit home out of desire rather than obligation. And please, Lord? May he and his brother and sister not just be relatives, but good friends always. May the family ties that bind us grow stronger together, always rooted in Christ.

About You. May my son know Your presence not only in his head, but feel it in every inch of his heart. May he see anything and everything as a gift from You and diligently give thanks. May his sense of worth and identity be found in nothing on this earth but You.

Lord, bring to mind all the things I forget to remember. And when I get distracted by life and forget again, may your grace be the stepping stones that fills my prayer gaps and leads my boys straight to You.

In the mighty name of Jesus,

{and all the boy mamas said}


Click here to download a free printable of the prayer for sons.

Click here to read a prayer for daughters.

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  1. says

    I’ve had one of those teary, heavy-hearted momma days today already. And then I go and read this. Geez. Such wisdom and encouragement here. I’m thankful for your words and your heart. Your boys (and girl!) are blessed to have you as their momma.

    • says

      Aw girl, each and every one of us knows about those days. Press on and pray on, sweet mama! I know you’re doing wonderfully.

      {And thank you. xo}

  2. says

    Such a lovely prayer. We can never pray too much for our children. They certainly need all the help they can get in this crazy world. I find peace in know that they are wrapped in the arms of His love.

  3. says

    You so eloquently put into words the desires of every Christian mother’s heart. My son is 20 and sometimes I get caught up in the missed opportunities – I should have told him this or that…but ultimately I need to rest in the fact that I did my very best and now I need to rely on God to fill in the gaps where I fell short. Sure, there are still some “teachable moments”, but many of the apron strings have been cut. And, so I pray…and pray and ask the Holy Spirit to continue to move in his heart. It’s hard to let go…but ultimately that is our job – to hand them back over to God. I prayed your prayer for my son as I read it…just beautiful! Thank you…
    Blessings and hugs,

  4. says

    Very sweet momma’s heart post. Our boys must be the same age. I am down to counting the years on one hand now too. Time flies and like you I have missed too many opportunities to pray. Thank you for this reminder and may we both continue to be reminded of this throughout the coming crucial years for our boys in middle and high school! Love, Rachael

  5. says

    Kristen, your words are a blessing and remind me to never stop praying for my boys. “May my son know Your presence not only in his head, but feel it in every inch of his heart. ” Amen! Next week I will head off to San Diego to see my older boy…it’s been far too long between visits and this mom is SO ready to hug him.
    Much love to you.

  6. says

    Printing this one for sure! I pray my son will grow into this exact kind of man, loving and putting others first. This is SO hard in this me-first world. Our world needs more men that aren’t afraid to be godly and loving.

  7. says

    This is beautiful Kristen.
    Lord, bring to mind all the things I forget to remember. And when I get distracted by life and forget again, may your grace be the stepping stones that fills my prayer gaps and leads my boys straight to You.
    I love this part. amen, and amen!

  8. Veronica McDonald - Thaw says

    As I read this prayer, I was reminded of days gone by. My now College age son and I would pray together each morning before school. He was my only child back then. And there were times that he would say a prayer as we rushed out the door with our busy schedules. Now as he starts his last year of college and is no longer at home I find myself yearning for the Days Gone By, with my little boy praying at my side. Memories, God Bless You

  9. Susan G. says

    Thank you Kristen for this powerful prayer. I just prayed this for my grandsons (three).
    Grandchildren are my delight! :)
    May He continue to bless you and your family!

  10. Carrie says

    Awesome prayers for this mama to remember and pray for our first born son who is heading to college in 5 days!

  11. Francesca says

    I have two sons ages 2years 6 months and 14months. I pray for them daily but wanted a prayer I could put in place as a routine for them daily and this… Is just perfect. My eyes were teary and thank you for these wonderful prayer. I will print and frame keep somewhere my husband and I will always see.