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When I posted a picture of my first Stitch Fix box on instagram last week, I had several folks ask me what I thought of it. Prepare thyself for a thorough (long-winded) answer to that question.

Why I Decided to Try Stitch Fix

First of all, I’m a strange girl because I don’t particularly enjoy shopping. I definitely don’t love browsing racks of clothes just for the sake of browsing. My favorite people to shop with are my sisters, Sara and Megan, because the three of us like to just walk in, grab what we need, and walk out. Plus, both Sara and Megan have a great sense of style, so they can tell me what to keep and what to banish. But since the three of us live in three different states, we don’t get to shop together too often.

Second, I decided to try stitch fix because I’m hard to fit. I’m tall, have lanky arms and legs, and I’m long-waisted. Generally, I have a difficult time finding something that fits in department and chain clothing stores. A lot of online stores carry tall sizes which certainly help, but even then successful shopping is hit and miss.

So, when friend after friend of mine kept raving about a personal online shopping resource for women called Stitch Fix, I decided to give it a try for myself.

a stitch fix review

How does Stitch Fix work?

First, you fill out a detailed (but not overwhelming) style profile at the Stitch Fix website. Then, a professional stylist hand-picks 5 items for you based on your answers to that profile. You receive these 5 items once a month – or less if you desire. Then you try on your clothes in the comfort of your own casa. You keep what you like and return anything you don’t in the prepaid envelope included in your box.  

The only extra fee is the $20 stylist fee, BUT if you keep just 1 of your 5 items, that fee is rolled into the cost of the item.

In a nutshell, you tell someone your sizes and what you like to wear and they send clothes to you. Win-win!

The Lowdown on my First Fix

Early last week, this is what arrived on my doorstep:


It even came with a style guide and a nice note from my stylist.


And guess what my stylist’s name is?


Sara, which happens to be the same name as my sister ~ even spelled the right way! I took it as a sign of good things to come.

What I sent back:

IMG_7680 IMG_7684

1. Downing Striped Knit Shirt I loved this shirt, and from the front it looks dang cute. But then I felt a little breeze comin’ through on the side, and sure enough, the shirt was too short. It fit well everywhere but the length ~ I’m just too long-waisted for this one. So, bye-bye cute stripey shirt.


2. Canby Twisted Seams V-Neck Sweater This item was really my only disappointment in the box (even though I sent back more than just this). First of all, it was $78. It felt more like a $29 Old Navy sweater than a $78 sweater. But even if it had been $29, I still wouldn’t have bought it because the sleeves were too short (hello monkey arms!) and I don’t like “hole-y” sweaters. I can’t do hole-y sweaters because I’m always cold (temperature wise, not personality of course) AND I live in Colorado, the land of tons o’ sun but also tons o’ cold. So, bye-bye overpriced sweater.

IMG_7691 IMG_7694

3. Kaleigh Angle Biter Skinny Jean Ohhhh how I wanted these to work. They fit nicely and were comfy. But, they were a pastel pink with a brownish undertone, and that color did not play nice with my Irish-German light skin. So sad to say bye-bye to these, but they just couldn’t stay.

What I kept:

IMG_7670 IMG_7665

4. Alan Cowl Neck Asymmetrical Cardigan I may have squealed when I took this out of my stitch fix box. It is sooo pretty and comfortable and fits like a dream. Plus, hello pockets! Other features I love are the fun zipper along the side and cowl neck. Cowl necks are one of my love languages, so this is mine forever.


5. Tricia Gem & Chain Statement Necklace This necklace is pretty, sturdy, funky, and fun. So, it’s also mine forever. Unless I decide to gift it to someone, which I like to do with jewelry. Heh.

Final Impressions

Cons to Stitchfix

1. Since the majority of my clothes come from Old Navy and Target, some of these clothes cost more than I like to spend. But given my shopping challenges and hard to fit body, I don’t mind paying more for something IF it fits well and looks cute. If I like something, I will wear it ’til it wears out, so I’ll squeeze every $ out of each item I purchase.

2. If your return has not been postmarked within 3 days of receipt, Stitch Fix assumes you are keeping all 5 items and will charge your credit card for the entire fix. I understand why as a company this has to be done, but this short turn around time still stressed me out.

3. If you are unusually tall or short, make sure you specify this in the comments section of your style profile. While I did accurately give them my height, I didn’t get specific and tell them I am long-waisted and long-limbed. Unfortunately, a couple of the selections picked for me reflected this.

4. There is usually a wait of a few weeks to receive your fix. This ended up working for me, but I didn’t realize this when I signed up.

Pros to Stitch Fix

1. The detailed style profile is thorough and leaves plenty of room for you to write personal notes. Although some items I didn’t think to write down until after I received my first fix (i.e. no hole-y sweaters or pastels), I appreciate that the stylist takes the time to tailor each fix to fit me better. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep more than two items in the next shipment.

2. It comes with a style guide with ideas on how to dress up or dress down your items.

3. You don’t get charged anything but the $20 styling fee until after your fix arrives AND you’ve picked out which items you’re going to keep. Remember if you keep just one item, the $20 styling fee gets rolled into the price of that item.

4. If someone signs up through your account, you get a charming $25 toward your next fix. A credit or two certainly helps if you want to buy something you love when you don’t love the price.

5. I’m not gonna lie: For a girl who very rarely shops for herself, this was just plain fun. I found a couple things I genuinely loved and have already worn more than once.

For this girl, stitch fix wasn’t as good as shopping with my sisters, but my experience thus far was positive enough to go for fix #2.

9041328237_5a5457d308_oSisters! Sara, myself, and Megan (with my little niece)

 So tell me, have you tried Stitch Fix? Did you love it or loathe it? Do you want to try it?  And if you’re like me and can’t buy just any ol’ thing off the rack, where do you shop? Help a sister out!

***Click here and scroll down to find my review of my second stitch fix shipment.

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  1. says

    Oh my goodness, that cardigan you kept looks AMAZING on you! Thank you so much for posting this review, Kristen, seriously – I signed up from your link after you posted about it but I haven’t taken the plunge to actually order my first fix yet. I’m a little unsure, but you’ve just encouraged me to [beg my husband to bless my first] order. :) Hugs!

    • says

      Thank you, Becky ~ that cardigan made all the difference in giving me warm fuzzies about my first fix. I absolutely love it. If you take the plunge, pleeease let me know what you think!

  2. says

    Love what you ordered! I’ve always thought about trying services like that but I’m nervous about the cost. It does sound like an amazing and fun experience though!

    • says

      Thanks Jess! I wanted to try this over a year ago but was also nervous about the cost. So I certainly get that. I don’t know how often I’ll sign up to receive a new fix, but I’m happy I finally gave it a try!

  3. says

    So dang cute! Yes, you are.
    And you know I feel your pain on the “everything’s too short and my wrists are cold!” mojo.

    I was with some blog friends over the weekend and there was SO MUCH dishing about Stitch Fix. I think I was the only one who hadn’t jumped on the train! (figures)

  4. says

    The item you kept is very cute and looks so comfy….Can I ask how much that was? I too am a Target girl….nothing seems to fit my pear shape …and sadly I tend to live in yoga pants and comfy shirts because of it.

    IF/when I do go shopping to look for “real going out” clothes I usually can find stuff at Maurices. They have a “curvy” line for us pear shaped (aka hippy) girls and smaller waists that tends to work. 😉

    • says

      Of course you may, Kathy. It was $58. Again, more than I have paid for a top in a while, but it is substantial, versatile, well made, and fits my monkey arms and torso. So, that made it worth it for me.

      And I shall check out Maurices! Thanks for the recommend.

  5. Danielle says

    I have long legs, long torso, and long arms and often have a hard time finding clothes that fit really well. Lately, I’ve had quite a bit of luck at the Loft (online). Their clothes are a bit pricey, but I wait till they have one of their big 40% or 60% off sales and stock up on things I enjoy. Their long dresses and pants are wonderful, and lately their medium and large sweaters and tops have been quite long!

    The sweater you kept was very cute! I hope you get even more keeper clothes next month!

    • says

      High five my fellow long-limbed friend. :)

      Oooo, the Loft ~ great suggestion! I haven’t shopped there in a long time, but they do indeed have great sales. Thanks for the reminder, Danielle.

  6. Beth Williams says


    I too am not a fan of shopping for clothes. I am a super hard fit, Try short (petite) with an enlarged waist size. Most pants are way long on me and shirts are long also. Don’t do hole-y shirts either. Want comfy clothes like T-shirts.

    I have never heard of stitch fix. If I decide to try it I will definitely give them a lot of information. BTW–you look gorgeous in that sweater!

    Blessings :)

  7. Megan O'Neill says

    Oh Sister!!! Sara told me I had to go back and look at this post. I love shopping with you too!! In, browse, pay, leave:) I actually went to the Buckle with Fay yesterday (who takes hours trying on jeans) and I talked to a really nice manager who told me all about the different fits. I told him it would be a chilly day down under before I paid what some of those jeans cost, but he showed me another line of less expensive jeans that were a great fit (for my boo-ya!!). It was actually a nice little shopping trip because I didn’t feel pressured like I used to when going to te Buckle and having them swarm me for a commission tip!! I love you Happy Stitching!!!!

  8. says

    I got that same white sweater in my first fix. Hated it!!! haha. Glad I’m not alone :) It was the only one in my 3 fixes that I felt like was so off. But it IS so fun, right?