All Things Possible Christmas

I sigh as I hang up the phone, plumb worn out from the stress of a difficult conversation. I lean against the see through glass and focus my attention on my neighbor’s large bay window, a picture frame for their triangle Christmas tree. The tree’s white lights illuminate like stars, and I wish I could shine the same way. But the guilt I carry from disappointing others weighs heavy.

I love Christmas and the generous joy it sprinkles over everything, but even a sanguine like me can’t deny this truth: While the Christmas season sings a rhapsody of abundant goodness, the dissonant chords of life’s troubles play out twice as pitchy during the holidays.

I listen and hear comfort from heaven,

“All the more reason to cling to glorious Hope.”

I smile weakly as I recall a favorite Christmas poem:

The Christmas Spirit

The Christmas spirit is that hope

which tenaciously clings to the hearts of the faithful

and announces in the face of any Herod

the world can produce

and all the inn doors slammed in our faces

and all the dark nights of our souls

that with God

all things are possible,

that even now

unto us

a Child is born!

~Ann Weems

The angel first spoke these words to Mary and I feel its message lift my heavy heart: Nothing is impossible with God. No problem outruns His reach. No difficulty outdoes His sovereignty. He brought Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem at a time when every hotel sign read “no vacancy” and gave them rest in the most un-luxury of accommodations. What a humble place for Hope’s first breath! But then again, the Lord often births the biggest blessings from the bleakest environments.

I wonder if your face has recently felt the hot, stiff breeze from a slammed inn door? During this Christmas season, does the burden of what you carry feel twice as heavy? If so, Holley and I want to bring words that speak hope in the midst of slammed doors and joy in spite of all our impossibles. There’s no better season for opening our hands to God-possiblities and allowing Jesus into the furthest corners of our hearts.

Let every heart prepare Him room.

This week, Holley and I will alternate posts for the All Things Possible Christmas. I will post tomorrow and then we will visit Holley’s place on Wednesday. Stay tuned towards the end of the week when we’ll bring a dab o’ Christmas joy in giveaway form!

What words would speak to your heart most this Christmas?

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  1. says

    Loss…and the holidays? I’m finding that they don’t mix – oh, not in the least. It’s gotten me all worn out, worn down, just *worn*…but thank goodness that even when things go so very wrong, God doesn’t leave us. His sovereignty is such a gift.

  2. says

    Grateful that you’re writing right into those hard tensions here. I keep coming back to old Christmas hymns and the idea of Emmanuel – God with us – right in the muck of our lives like He came into the dark stable. I’m so comforted by His dwelling among us, then and now. Excited for this series!

  3. karyn says

    Actually, Christmas is a very happy time for me. My young grandson complained that now that they are bigger there are no gifts on Christmas day. I told him that every single day is Christmas for him and he gets presents all the time. Like last week he had a lego racing car and the one before a lego robot and today two little Hot Wheels …. what about the PS Vita and eight games. So I asked them what Christmas was all about and my oldest grandson said, it’s JESUS’ birthday. I told them we celebrate JESUS’ birthday on Christmas Day and on the rest of the year presents are galore. My young grandson agrees. His heart for JESUS is mighty. We’ve already got things for other times of the year. He’s happy.
    Sorry to hear about the sadness at this time of the year. I pray the little Christ Child brings joy joy joy into your hearts. The little Baby Boy is lovely. Blessing you this Christmas …… even in the sadness ….. there can be JESUS’ peace in your heart. HE loves you so much. Honestly.

  4. Gail Oleynik says

    I am so sad I haven’t received any of your series, All Things Possible Christmas. I really miss your inspiring words Holley!! Please put my name back on your email list. Thank you!!

    • says

      Gail, for some reason, Holley’s emails as well as my own have not gone out this week. Hopefully the problem will be fixed soon and you’ll start getting Holley’s posts again!

  5. says

    I really resonated with the part where you said,’the Lord often births the biggest blessings from the bleakest environments.’ That hits me hard!!!! I just need to know this! The holidays are never the most joyful times for me. I don’t have strong family ties so most holidays I am alone. Some I’m not. But the ones where I am, it’s okay but every now and again, it’s hard. In either situation, I just need to know that He is with me.