How to Make a New Vivid Memory

She whirls right past me, a blur of red kitty jammies and honey colored hair. She’s holding a snack and her doll but stops long enough to ask me,

“Mama, can you bring me a drink?”

I must have given her a look because she wastes no time answering her own question.

“Never mind, Mama. I’m sorry!”

And right then and there I see a vivid picture of all the times I’ve treated her – and her brothers – like an inconvenience. All those times I buy into believing the world stops turning if the gotta-get-dones remain undone. All those times I treat little people in this house like a bother.

So I bend down and look her straight in the eyes, and I do my best to create a new vivid memory for her.

“Faith, you listen and you listen good. *You* are a priority in this house, and you need never ever apologize for asking for a drink. Sometimes you’ll need to get it or you’ll have to wait for me to get it, but no matter what, you need never feel like an inconvenience to me. And if you ever start feeling that way, you let me know, okay?”

Her freckled, grinning face shakes up and down {as best she can with her neck brace} and she skeedaddles.


So I put on my big girl undies long enough to participate in Lisa-Jo’s 5 Minute Friday, where she encourages us to just write for 5 minutes and not worry if it’s just right. On that note, may you darlings have a beautiful weekend, and may you know and feel your Father’s attentive gaze as He looks straight into your eyes and speaks truth into your heart. You are *always* at the top of His priorities and in the middle of His love.

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  1. Don’t we all need to be reminded at times – thanks for sharing…

  2. Kristen, I so needed to read your beautiful post. Thank you.

  3. Oh! What a challenge!

    Thank you for sharing this truth so open and so real.

    Glad I found you here on Five Minute Friday.

  4. Such an honest and feeling post, direct from the heart. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh so true Kristen…thank you for reminding me that my attitude toward my precious children is so important.

  6. THIS MY FRIEND, was an amazing post! My son is asking if I’m sad as tears run down my cheeks. Love, Traci

  7. Kristen, I think you looked down right into the top of my mind and read it and into the middle of my heart and felt it. This is my BIGGEST struggle!

  8. oh, this is tenderness. so glad you took the time.

  9. I just logged on to check my e-mail… found this post among a dozen task-related messages so I stopped to read it… and just two minutes earlier, I scolded my four-year-old for asking me to help her with a project because “Sometimes Mommy has things to do, too!” I guess God knew I needed to read this, Kristen. Thank you.

  10. Hooray for big girl undies and for the grace to create new vivid memories!

  11. Oh, I love how you take something ordinary and make it extraordinary. Good to see you on Five Minute Fridays!

  12. Kristen, this is a fantastic 5-minute post. And such a good reminder for all of us and all of our children. Beautiful.

  13. i love this piece. and especially that you used the word skedaddles:)

  14. shhhh don’t tell, but this was my favorite five minute post of them all – including my own.