If Your Night Is Not Calm or Bright


Last week gave us wind burn as it whipped our hair crazy. All those things I’m suppose to do – slow down, savor moments – didn’t happen in the least. Oh sure, we made memories full of beautiful and holy notes, but the presto tempo left us a little haggard and breathless. Indeed, all was not calm or bright because in the breathlessness sat dark moments too. However, I’m learning dark moments are opportunities to allow the borders of trust to stretch, to hold on and believe God will show me that even here, He is good.

In the dark and doubt I believe like wise men that the Star beckons. I believe like Mary that what He says will happen certainly happens. I believe that Emmanuel – God with us – is in new territory. Especially new territory.

If you find yourself in a shadowy place now, may you be acutely aware of how God births miracles in dark, secret places. His goodness not only stretches into the shadows but reveals light twice as brilliant. May you rest knowing He is close.

He turns the impossible into possible.

And the darkness to light.

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  1. says

    Oh “yes” to this! He says, okay let me use it [the dark] to show my glory that is so much bigger than this.” Amazing. Truly amazing grace.

    Rich blessings, sweet friend, as He leads you ever closer to His heart.

  2. Irene Talaasen says

    Thank you, Thank you!!! Just the message I needed and so lovingly put. Be Blessed as well as we worship the One who came for us!!