In Which I Recommend a Blogger for President {and a lovely video, too!}

Yours truly with the Nester and Jessica’s darling one, Adeline.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who had a sister named Sara. For many a day, Sara would beg Sister to check out this blog called Nesting Place. Since Sister wasn’t the most decorator savvy gal on the planet, she couldn’t get too fired up about an all-things-home blog. So, when Sara called again raving about this Nester girl, Sister rolled her eyes and said,

“Ya know, Sara, I’m not really the decorating gal you are and…”

Sara exhaled quick and loud. “Well I know! But trust me here. You’ll love her! I’m tellin’ you, you. will. love. her!”

Sister didn’t believe it. “I’m sure she’s wonderful, but…uh…I’ll just look at her beautiful home and feel bad that I don’t…”

“No, no, no. Listen! Her mantra is, ‘It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.’ She’s not about making your house look magazine-worthy. Her ideas are super simple, easy, and pretty. C’mon, please just take a look!”

So Sister finally caved and clicked. And in a whopping 2.3 seconds, Sister found herself neck deep in a glorious pool of Nester’s it-doesn’t-have-to-be-perfect-to-be-beautiful kind of love.

I’ve never been a big decorating fan simply because I’m no good at it. I don’t have an eye for what looks good where, and if I *do* find something I like, I have to stare it down all squinty eyed for about a week ’til I decide if it’s a friend or foe to my room and house. And after that, I usually ask a posse of friends over to see if they like it.

No decorating confidence here, people.

But the Nester gives me confidence. She gives me permission to just chill about the whole thing, to decorate my house the way that works for my family. To decorate the way that makes my home say pretty but mistakes are allowed here. To make it look lovely but approachable and relaxing. Some of her words of wisdom:

“What is the purpose of your home? What do you want to accomplish at your home and do you need to change your mindset to do that? Your home is there to work for you. It can serve your purposes by the furnishings, wall art, and how you live in it! Is your home a place to be or a place to “be careful?” If you can’t make a mistake at home then where can you try out something new?”

I read that and suddenly this decorating challenged girl feels capable. And lest you think her smarts run only on housey stuff, she has killer perspective on everything from school choices to time management.

In fact, Nester is so daggone smart, she should run for president.

Nester for President!

The world doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!

{I’d put that on the bumper of my car, oh yes I would.}

So why am I rambling on and on about my unabashed Nester love? Because it was from her blog I first heard about (in)courage. So, if Sara hadn’t persuaded me to check out the Nester and if the Nester hadn’t pointed me to (in)courage, I don’t know if I’d be blogging today. Oh, I’d be writing, but I’d be sticking to journals in a cozy corner of my much less cute house.

So, here’s to Sara and the Nester {clink, clink}!

On Thursday, the Nester is sponsoring a Christmas Tour of Homes! If you link up your own Christmas tour, will you leave a comment and let me know? I want to see how you imperfectly decorate your perfect-just-for-you home!

{And while we’re at it, Melissa from The Inspired Room has a Christmas house tour linky going as well!}

Subscribers, click here to see the video.
Speaking of Melissa and the Nester, those two darling girls are who you see in the above video. In addition to these two lovelies, the video features several other gals, too. And to quote a friend of mine, watching it is like friendship crack. The folks of (in)courage put it together to share a bit of the heart behind (in)RL. And if you live in the Colorado Springs area, I would love to have you attend my own (in)RL party! First register then sign up here. More details to come after the New Year.

I love you darlings. May you go forth this week with confidence that your Savior adores you, the imperfect-but-perfectly-real you.

{Happily linked up today with Emily’s Tuesdays Unwrapped.}

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    • says

      Thank you, Nester, for well…everything. And when I showed up at the (in)courage retreat late {due to delayed flights}, feeling a bit like the new kid at school late for class, you jumped right up and gave me a hug saying, “I’m so glad you’re here!” I’ll never forget that. xo

  1. says

    Yay yay yay for Nester! And (in)courage! And Sara! And YOU! Fabulous, beautiful YOU! And if all of that had never happened I wouldn’t have met you and roomed with you and known what it’s like to have a friend who makes me smile every time I think of her! LOVE you!

    • says

      Dontcha know you do the same for me, Deidra? You’re a big reason why I’ve watched the (in)RL video a half a dozen times ~ *YOU* are the loveliest of them all!