January’s Good Things


January may be close to retiring for the year, but winter here in Colorado is just waking up. We had some perfect Christmasy snow storms in December and a good dose of snow in January, but we’ve also had sunny days in the 50’s and 60’s. Around these parts, we get less wintry weather this time of year than we do in March, April, and even (tears) May.

If you’ve known me for more than 10 minutes, you know winter isn’t my fave. So it’s an especially good idea to release my poor attitude to the winter winds and hunt around the snowy corners of January for some good things. And as is usually the case, when you’re bent on finding something you want, find it you will.

In January, here are what my good things look like:

Dreamy smelling soaps from my friend Ann Marie’s darling shop, the Yellow Rose Emporia.


A plethora of perfect opportunities for impromptu tea parties. Tazo’s wild sweet orange tea is a favorite for my daughter and me.


Sunday nights with the Crawleys. The Dowager Countess’ lines are as priceless as ever.


Having a goal to not throw up at a MOPS speaking engagement and being pleasantly surprised when the only thing that departs from me is genuine joy from encouraging moms.


Good things look like sunshine making merry with the snow.


Good things look like laughing ’til your sides hurt with your husband and kids while playing this game I first saw on Tsh’s facebook page.



“Running for My Life with a Chainsaw.” My son James’ is worth a mention, too: “Psychology for Dummies with a Chainsaw.” Sigh ~ we are easily entertained around here.

And good things look like my sons’ friends, who came to our house for a party.


These friends are polite, hilarious – and in spite of their objections to me saying it – completely darling. {And FYI: “party” in middle school world is really just a playdate for big kids.}

Good things this month also look like more lunch dates with my husband than we’ve had in years, dinner with friends, and discovering the kids’ science projects aren’t due ’til later in the year (double hallelujah).

So tell me, what did January’s good things look like for you?

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  1. says

    Tazo’s passion tea is one of my favs! I really set out to embrace winter this year but it’s been a challenge. Lots of snow and too many cold, cold days. But I’m also keeping a blessings journal and when we seek blessings we will always find. Thank you for the two new books to add to my reading list and the beautiful necklace! You’re a gem!
    Much love,

  2. Beth Williams says


    This January brought about some favs, not so favs and lots of unexpected blessings from God.

    Early this month we got word that there was an apartment open at an assisted living for my dad. He was ready so my oldest sister and I jumped on the bandwagon & got things in motion. During all the running around and move snow fell, lots of snow–yuck!!Thankfully and with help from God we got him moved last Thursday-1/30/14 and he is content.

    Another God thing is that I was able to sell his car quickly to a co-worker. Just the mention of needing to sell and she was on it. They liked it and are taking it.

    Good things: just about any flavored hot tea, a nice hot shower, a day off work without using personal time, and a restful weekend with no chores or places to go–jsut plenty of rest!! :) God has beem there through the whole process and blessed this family!

    Blessings to everyone :) :) :)