On Being a New Year’s Rebel


Happy New Year, friends!

I know I’m a little late in asking, but how was your Christmas? Your New Year’s?

Our holidays visited like easy-going old friends, the kind who don’t care what your house looks like or how noisy your kids are. And after the swirl of activity centering around my husband’s retirement from the Air Force, we needed it. I tell ya, planning a retirement ceremony is akin to planning a wedding, right down to the cake and flowers. No lie.


And speaking of the retirement soirée,  thank you to all you who offered kind words and congratulations to our family. They were so appreciated. And for those who have asked, David will still be working at the Air Force Academy, but as a civilian.

extended family retirement

I can’t express how joyous it was to have David’s family visit during the holiday season. It was the first time we’ve been able to host family around Christmas, and we relished it. My inlaws are relaxing, encouraging people – just the kind of folks that make any gathering glorious.

If you think I count this as a double blessing, you think right.

Christmas and New Year’s gave us the opportunity to come out of our coma after Crazyville. Even so, when school began this week and the alarm once again shook us awake, we yawned and whined about having to greet the day when the darkness had only begun to roll back. Lazy mornings are gone, leaving their type A older sister known as Ms. Schedule standing in their place.

The problem is, I still feel like a college kid who just finished finals. I want to sleep ’til noon and waste the day watching favorite movies and reading good fiction.

So this year I’m a New Year’s rebel, not so inclined to obey the calendar and convention that say now is the time for resolutions or lists. I’m just not in the mood. I find myself in that pesky place between required responsibilities and lacking motivation. So at times like these, I have to fake it ’til I feel it. Because if I wait to “feel” right first, I’ll never get around to doing it at all.

So I trudge through those responsibilities like new fallen snow, keeping one foot in front of the other and trusting God to bring the feelings soon.


Along the way, He opens my eyes to stunning vistas and other good things. And these days, good things look like Sunday nights with Downton Abbey and leftover Sugar Plum Spice tea.


Good things look like the neighborhood straggler’s Christmas lights.


Good things look like a nightstand full of diverse books.


And good things look like hanging with mah people.


And like the unfolding of sunlight on a winter morning , I feel the warmth that giving thanks brings.

Do you lean toward New Year’s resolutions or New Year’s rebel? What do some of your own good things look like? 

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  1. says

    Oh how I’ve been there in the fake it till you make it mode! This January, however, I have had to push through Christmas and then get ramped up for my wedding in…Yikes…one week! No time to dilly dally, but I know when I get on the plane to go on my honeymoon I will feel like an exhausted marathoner crossing the finish line. All the best to you as you adjust to your husband’s retirement from the service. A belated Happy New Year wish to you all!
    Love ya,

  2. says

    That pic wins for Best Sledding View EVER! I was ready for some schedule to be back and to get some normal. We’ve never gotten to just stay home and not go anywhere and I just want to BE. I’m not a resolutions girl, I’ve tried and failed too many times to count. Last year I found the One Word idea and it was great. I’ve got a new one for this year and we are off and running with INTENTION. I’m down with your whole sleep ’til noon and read good books idea. Now if we could get the 5 yaer old to cooperate and do all the housework. :) Happy New Year friend!

  3. says

    My was diagnosed with pneumonia on 12/23. By 12/26, my husband was falling apart, was well for a couple of days, and had to be taken to urgent care on New Year’s Day (ended up being an upper respiratory infection and throat infection). Then my son got sick again and within a day of that, we were ALL on the couch for the next four days unable to move. Hubby and son went back to work/school and this mama has spent her days sleeping away. SO, to answer your question I’ve definitely been a rebel and I believe God knows what we need when we need it. I’m a busy bee; I never stop, but it was sweet to be able to just R-E-S-T with my family and not feel guilty about it. Even this week, it’s not the way I would have chosen to end and begin a new year, but there’s something to be said about having an excuse to ignore email and not have to adhere to schedules, etc. It’s an easing in to the new year after the gloriousness that is a vacation.

    • says

      Ohmahword, y’all were hit with it, weren’t you! Goodness. But I love what you say right here: “It’s an easing into the new year after the gloriousness that is vacation.” Yes ~ exactly.

      May healthier days find everyone in your family soon. Much love, Lis!

  4. aly c. says

    after teaching public school for 16 years, I have taken a year off to do some long awaited publishing. my goal is just to find some structure in this new absence of routine. It is such a blessing to have the time, yet it’s a daily challenge to balance creativity and responsibility when there is no boss to report to, except me. :) great problem to have, right?

    Thank you for your perspective, Kristen. Chili in the slow cooker, an open bible, yoga for these aching muscles, a cup of coffee, and the promise of lunch with the fave (my husband). These are my good things today!

  5. Beth Williams says


    Happy New Year!

    The holidays were fine with 9 days off work to rest, cook & enjoy my hubby! I enjoyed the down time and got to spend some time with my aging dad. I was a rebel this year–not wanting to rush rush rush to work & just relax and enjoy the day! Did make a resolution to eat better and exercise more.

    This week has brought about big big changes in my life. My dad had decided to move into an assisted living facility. My sister and I were working on some paperwork and waiting on a room. This week a room opened up and he is going to take it. Now comes the fun of finishing paperwork, getting family here from GA, & VA, getting furniture out of the apartment and moving him. I’m a little nervous about it all. It will all happen with the help of God and a loving family!

    Great pictures by the way! Where do you live? I absolutely love those mountains!

    • Beth Williams says

      Congratulations on your husband’s retirement. Glad he will be home more and you can all enjoy family!

      God Bless!@ :)

  6. says

    Really? You don’t look old enough to be a retired couple. Congratulations anyway. :)
    Popped by from somewhere else…. Inspired to Action, I think. (This is what happens when you open too many blog posts at one time – you get your bearings all mixed up)

    • says

      Thanks, Jenn {big grin}. The truth is most people who retire from the military are quite young, or rather youngish. :) This is because they are required to serve a minimum of 20 years before retiring, so that puts a lot of folks in their forties at that time. Most do go on to a second career.

      It’s wonderful to meet you ~ thanks so much for dropping by my neck of the woods!