On This Memorial Day: A Free Gift for You {or Someone You Know}


On this Memorial Day, I am over here honoring our brave men and women of the United States military. Their contributions cannot be overstated: they serve voluntarily so you and I can live abundantly, singing freedom’s song.

And you know what? While our military men and women in uniform sacrifice selflessly, their spouses on the homefront sacrifice too, and in ways beyond what most can imagine.

Here at Chasing Blue Skies, I write for all women – military and civilian wives, single and married women, mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends. My front door opens wide for each of you always. But today, I want my fellow military wives – past and present – to have a seat of honor.

Sisters, no matter what part of the military family you call home, I want to honor the significance of your own sacrifices with this small gift:

Serving You-01 cover

Serving You: 31 Days of Encouragement for the Military Wife

So what is Serving You ?

It is a devotional collection offering encouragement for those living the everyday realities of military life, told from the perspective of one Air Force wife.

While no two military wives’ personal circumstances look identical, all military wives share common threads woven throughout this lifestyle. We all must figure out how to make friends, fit into new communities, adapt to constant change, and fill roles well beyond that of wife.

We battle frequent seasons of loneliness, fear, separations, and feelings of missing out. So whether a military wife has just walked down the aisle or driven through her tenth base, whether her husband has deployed several times or not at all, I believe Serving You will speak to each woman in emotional, spiritual, and practical ways. It will serve you; assuring you that God—not Uncle Sam—has placed you where you are for a divine purpose.

Also, more than one person has told me this ebook is a worthy read for any woman whose spouse works long or unpredictable hours, or who has seen more than her fair share of transition and change.

Here’s an extra peek at what you can expect to read about in the book:

Screen shot 2013-05-26 at 11.27.42 PM

Today is my birthday, but *you* deserve the gift.

On this Memorial Day and tomorrow (Tuesday, May 28th), Serving You is FREE when you subscribe to my blog.

So how do you get it for free?

If you already subscribe to Chasing Blue Skies {and have activated your email subscription}, you should have already received an email with a link to the pdf file.

If you don’t yet subscribe, just enter your email below and it’s on its way! {Link will be made available as soon as you confirm your subscription.}

If you subscribe via a reader, please email me and I will send you your copy.


By subscribing to the Chasing Blue Skies mailing list, fresh air encouragement will be delivered straight to your inbox (signing up is always free). I generally post 2 to 3 times a week, so I promise not to overwhelm you or your inbox. If you do not wish to subscribe to my blog but would still like a copy of Serving You for yourself *or* someone else, you may find it here. {Amazon makes it easy to gift this ebook. Just look for the “give as a gift” tab on the right hand side of the page.}

Serving You is my book of encouragement for your heart and gratitude for all the large and small ways you’ve sacrificed. It’s my personal thank-you to you glorious girls, my family away from family.

Whoever’s hands this ebook falls into, I pray it blesses you wildly.

Much love to you this Memorial Day and always, friends.

**Update on Wednesday, May 29th: The Serving You devo is no longer free in its entirety, but click here to learn how to get the first 3 chapters free.

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  1. says

    Kristen, First Happy Birthday and congratulations on the release of your new book. I can’t wait to read it even though I am not a military wife I am sure it has wisdom and encouragement for us all. God bless you and your family and all families who serve our great Nation. I am forever indebted for the freedoms that I enjoy. I think you will enjoy my post “Memorial Day Reflection”. I wrote it with you in mind and our link up. The words come from my heart! With love and ((hugs)), Bev

  2. says

    This looks amazing. I love your heart Kristen – giving on your Birthday! Beautiful girl, this is awesome!

    Praying God blesses and blesses it and you!

  3. says

    Can’t wait to read this ebook and Happy Birthday Kristen! You have been a light to me as a military spouse and I can’t ever thank you enough!

    • says

      You are the same to me, Laura. Thanks for shining your encouragement my way! Praying for you and your man ~ and *so* thankful for you.

  4. Brittany says

    Thank you so much for this gift and thank you for recognizing military spouses! Yes, my husband is the brave one for being willing to sacrifice his life, but so often, the ones who are left behind are forgotten. We get told all the time to thank our husbands, which is very kind, but hardly ever do we get thanked. And it means SO MUCH! :)

    Marine Corps wife of 7 years currently going through our 3rd deployment

    • says

      Brittany, if I could I would show up on your front doorstep with Starbucks and a cupcake. You are my hero.

      With much humbled gratitude for *all* you do,

      Thank you.

      • Brittany says

        Aww that’s so sweet of you! Thank you! I would really take that coffee and cupcake right now. AND a friend to share them with! Haha :)

  5. says

    Spreading the word near and far….and thank you for YOUR service, in the moving and the separations and the day-to-day chaos that is life in a military household–and in your words of encouragement to others.

  6. Lisa Franklin says

    Happy Birthday, tender warrior! Thank you for giving us the gift of this book and of your calling! God bless you richly–Lisa

  7. says

    Thank you for sharing this with us. It was exactly what I needed at this moment and since tomorrow (28th) is MY birthday your gift came at the right time! I’m only a few pages in and I can sense the emotion and palpable earnest with which you wrote your tales. Thank you again!

  8. Laura S says

    I am trying to download the book, and when i bring it up it only shows it in a microsoft word format in my explorer. Is there a way to save it as a file?

  9. Carey says

    Hello! Thank you for this gracious offer. And happy birthday! I subscribed yesterday and confirmed my subscription. I haven’t received a link for the gift. (I’ve only viewed the email from my phone…is it not viewable that way?) Thanks for your help.

    • says

      Carey, so wonderful to meet you!

      I’m so sorry for your inconvenience! It should show up just fine on your phone.

      After opening your “please confirm subscription” email and clicking the button that says, “Yes, subscribe me to this list,” the link to the pdf file should have immediately showed up underneath a picture of the book cover. The exact wording is “just click here to download your free copy of Serving You: 31 Days of Encouragement for the Military Wife.” Can you double check this one more time? And if still does not cooperate, then please email me at: kristen@chasingblueskies.net.

      And again, I’m so sorry for your trouble!

  10. Leslie Lynn Gore says

    I8 tried to download your book to my computer and got nothing please send it to me again please