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Welcome to our inaugural Out of the Blue link-up!

If you are playing along, here are a few things to remember:

1. If you are new to link-up’s or have questions, read this first.

2. Since we all dig surprises, please surprise another writer by leaving a comment on her post *or* by giving a facebook shout-out or tweet. 

3. Be sure to include the out of the blue banner {see below} in your post or link back to Chasing Blue Skies so your readers can join in the fun. That way, we can all easily find each other.

In spite of being neck-deep in planning my daughter’s class Valentine’s party – not to mention this time of year’s usual inundation of pink, red, and chocolate – I didn’t realize the day of our first linky was, ya know, Valentine’s Day. At first I regretted not directing our writing prompt towards a more love-ly theme, but then I realized one can’t get more love-centered than the God Creator bending His ear to hear and answer our prayers. And He always answers them, even if we don’t see how ’til much later.

Just as I get a kick out of surprising my kids, I’m certain God enjoys seeing our faces light up as we witness the unbelievable become believable. I’ve done just this over many an answered prayer, but one in particular stands out in bold, primary colors next to the others.

Answered Prayer Wrapped In a Surprise

I’m not sure why, but I’ve always had dump truck loads more patience for kids than adults. It probably started when my baby sister Megan burst onto our family scene a full decade after yours truly. Megan provided me with plenty of hands on experience in bossing playing with a little one. I was also a weird teenager who loved babysitting, and with Megan as my trusty guinea pig, I learned I wasn’t too shabby at caring for little ones.

Time moved forward and before long I met a boy who put a ring on my finger. We never questioned if we’d have kids, only when. And I couldn’t wait to be a mama.

As it turned out, waiting was exactly what I had to do. Infertility was the name of the game for a long season, and I accepted this trial with little grace. But on an unsuspecting frigid December morning, I took pregnancy test #47 {give or take a few}, and lo and behold, the usual lonely pink line was joined by a twin.

And if that wasn’t surprise enough, we got the shock of our everlovin’ lives when the ultrasound tech uttered the words,

“Well, looky here! Guess what mom and dad? You will be having two babies!” 

Only a few weeks earlier I thought I might never be a mama, and in one short appointment we learned our family would be doubling in size. It was almost too much to take in.

But this is the way God loves.

Just when I believed God had already answered my prayer, He outdid Himself and gave me a double portion of heaven-sent blessings right out of the blue.

And still today, it’s almost too much to take in. 

**photo by the uber talented Angela Klocke.

Next week’s out of the blue prompt: Tell me about a surprise friendship of yours, one you didn’t necessarily anticipate forming.

Out of the Blue

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  1. says

    Love this! I minister to many women who’ve experienced miscarriage/infant loss….often, infertility comes with the territory. I am praying your post (which I will share) will be a great encouragement to these ladies. Thank You for sharing!

    With Hope,

  2. says

    This was perfect, as in I already had a post from a couple weeks ago that fit the bill. What a great idea! Happy Valentine’s Day to one of the biggest hearts out there!

  3. says

    Even though I didn’t link up this time I really enjoyed reading all of these posts!
    Looking forward to the next link-up. Great prompt!

  4. Megan O'Neill says

    Now listen here Missy!! I’ve never hounded you about being bossy!! I vividly remember being a bit of a stinker-you just happened to see through my antics;) I also remember you saving my tail, on more than one occasion (i.e. going to the creek in brand new white shoes and coming home with not so white shoes…which you revived back to new whiteness), so it all evened out in the wash!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!