The Song Only You Can Sing

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Just after dawn, she descends the stairs carrying my copy of Earnest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast. With sparkling eyes and a smile awfully sweet for the early hour, she asks if I would mind reading a bit of it to her. I shut my laptop, eye her suspiciously.

I didn’t know you had an interest in Hemingway,” I say.

Her smile is sugary as a cinnamon roll. “Ya well, I have an interest in hearing you read…”

I narrow my eyes playfully. “Well, okay then,” I answer, patting the seat beside me. “Sit right here.”

She scoots in between me and the sofa arm rest. I open the book to where my loyal bookmark holds my place and immediately see a flash of hot pink flutter to my lap.


“Ohhhh, what’s this?” I say to her face-splitting smile.

“Just a little love note,” she answer coyly. “I put it in your book last night, but I don’t think you saw it.”

“You’re right,” I reply, flipping the card over to read her note on the back. “I was too tired to read last night and went straight to bed, so I’m doubly glad you showed it to me this morning! Thank you!”

As I give all 55 lbs of her a hearty squeeze, I am reminded how our Father is also in the business of dispensing love notes to us, often revealed through little surprises.

We may be too tired, too busy, or too hurried to notice. But when we do, we see those surprises as hand written love notes landing in our own laps.

Each one arrives as a special song meant to be heard as only you can hear it.

So you may return a song of praise that only you can sing. Do you have any idea how much He loves the sound of your voice?

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He gives a liturgy of love, and when we take notice, we sing a quiet doxology of gratitude.

What liturgy of love has landed in your lap lately?

On Thursdays ’round here, we share out of the blue stories. Just tell us how God used something right out of the blue to build your faith, give you joy, or encourage your heart in the midst of your day. 

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  1. says

    Kristen, every bit of this was truly beautiful. It brought some tears (I’m rather emotional these days). What a beautiful girl you have. Your story helps remind me of how precious those moments with our children are and how many times we are so busy with life we don’t fully stop and give them our attention. I’m grateful that God reminded me last night to stop and listen to my son share about a recent adventure he had (one I’m trying to convince him to write about to share on my blog). God has been leading me to slow down with less focus on writing and more focus on being with Him, which is why I haven’t been linking-up for “Out of the Blue.” But…because of these words —> “He gives a liturgy of love, and when we take notice, we sing a quiet doxology of gratitude.” I think I will link-up my short post from yesterday that is all about giving praise to Him. :) Much love to you. Thanks for your beautiful heart. XO

  2. says

    Yesterday evening and this morning have been emotional as we met a couple roadblocks in the early stages of an adoption process. I’ve cried my eyes out like I haven’t in a long time. But my husband called with some information from our attorney that gave me hope. And then a dear friend asked to come over and brought muffins and Diet Dr Pepper (my coffee, people …). She didn’t know I hadn’t eaten breakfast, but the food and then our conversation was love for my broken-down soul. I’m so thankful God has surrounded me with people to take care of me. Your words, Kristen? They take care of my heart today too. Thank you for writing truth in such a lovely, beautiful way.

    • says

      Hi Kristin,
      So sorry to hear you’ve run up against roadblocks in your adoption process. We recently adopted our baby girl and I know – KNOW – what a crazy ride it all can be. So hard. Praying for grace for you guys and when my kids give me another second free, will hop over and read your post. :)
      Bless you! Grace grace…

  3. says

    Loved reading this. Precious girl you have.

    And LOVE the ways God woos and draws and affections our hearts if we tune in and notice. I’ve been wrecked by that about Him lately and had actually written the post I linked up last night, before I realized that this link-up was happening today. But thought I’d jump in and share…

    Thanks Kristen!!

  4. says

    What a precious story of a thoughtful girl toward her mother. I love the Moveable Feast. I read Paris Wife first and it made me curious about the real Hemingway story that inspired that book.