Twenty-Five Ways to Be a Friend

I’m neck-deep in (in)RL preparations, so I’ve got friendship on my mind at every turn. So as I prepare food, hang decorations, and attempt to dog de-hairify the house, I’m wondering:  In our day-to-day lives, what are some ways we can be a friend?

List available as a free printable here.

Twenty-Five Ways to be a Friend

1. Walk up to her and introduce yourself first.

2. Ask her questions about herself.

3. Bring her a surprise Starbucks or dessert.

4. Bring her family a meal {homecooked, Panera or Schwan’s, the choice is yours}.

5. Invite her to your casa for a movie, for coffee, for whatever.

6. Listen more than talk.

7. Love her where she is, not where you wish she was.

8. Build her up to her face and behind her back.

9. Invite her to events or get-togethers you are invited to.

10. Love on her kids.

11. Love on her pets.

12. Email or facebook her a “just thinking of you” note.

13. Offer help with painting walls or planting flowers.

14. Give her grace and the benefit of the doubt.

15. Do a Bible study together.

16. Share your books.

17. Walk, run, or take an exercise class together.

18. Whisk her kids away for a play date with yours.

19. Enjoy lunch or dinner together out and about.

20. Share your weaknesses and imperfections.

21. Send her a card.

22. Be empathetic.

23. Show up ~ let your yes be yes.

24. Appreciate her in your words and heart.

25. Pray for her.

{And 4 Bonus Tips from the resident 9 year old girl:}

1. Be nice and kind.

2. Play with her.

3. Give her a helping hand.

4. Ask her.

So what would you add to the list?

{Want more ideas on how to show friendship? Robin offers beautiful inspiration here.}

And if you would like some additional free printables for your own (in)RL soiree, Bible study, or women’s retreat, check out these below:

IMG_1251 copy-1

Original post here.

Download a free printable of a friendship prayer-reminder here.



Original post here.

Download a free printable of a friendship manifesto here.

There is no magic formula for making kindred-spirit friends. It takes effort from all parties, and all I can do is all I can do. But as we move through our day, may God open our eyes towards those who need us to see them and direct our steps towards those who need us to find them. And may we be blessed by acts of friendship in return.

{This is an edited and tricked out re-post.}

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  1. says


    Well, now…we’re thinkin’ along the same lines these days, aren’t we? You and I share a similar path; outgoing people who’ve found it harder than we thought to develop REAL friendships during season(s) in our respective lives.

    Practical and wise, these words you share. :)


    • says

      Why oh why must you live in stinkin’ Tennessee and not in beautiful Colorado? 😉 I still want to stay with during your weeks in Germany. Can you imagine? The country would never be the same…

      I love you, Robin. You are beautiful and wise and the awesome sauce.

  2. says

    Beautiful, thank you for sharing ♥ I know that what we share, we also receive, so these ways of friendship allow blossoms that magnify love and spirit.

    • says

      It can seem better to keep the mask, huh Christina? You make a great point: Sharing the hard stuff becomes easier with practice. Thank you!

    • says

      So far, I’m not having much success. Good thing the puppy is cute!

      And thank you for your prayers ~ I need them like crazy. Wish you were coming to mine!

  3. says

    Dog hair doesn’t bother me at all – we have plenty on this end, too. This is a well done list. Simple, practical, easy – yet not so easy in many ways. Copied it to prepare for Saturday (woohoo!) and to keep as a reminder in reaching out, building new friendships and strengthening old ones. Thank you. Oh, and love your daughters thoughts, especially #4, “ask her.” Profound.