When You Lament the Loss of Something Little


So, last Friday night?

We had the hailstorm to end all hailstorms. It didn’t give us the biggest hail I’ve ever seen {that would be the golf ball sized hail we had a whopping two hours after pulling into town}, but this storm was one of the fiercest. For over an hour, the hail dive bombed our house until we thought the roof might just cave in. The yard and driveway resembled the aftermath of an August snowstorm, everything wet and white. And my flowers and vegetable garden looked like someone had taken a machine gun to them, turning anything green into leafy shrapnel.

I nearly cried over the loss. If you live in Colorado Springs, you know how hard it is to grow things. Our high elevation brings dry air, intense sun, and fierce winds. But this summer gave us cooler temperatures and a delicious amount of rain, so my geraniums, roses, tomatoes and other plants sang like never before, overflowing large pots and garden boxes.

I’m not gonna lie: I was not happy – and even a little mad – to see a large portion of them ruined.

As I lamented the loss in my bedroom, a son with a wicked green thumb came into the room, gave me one of his plants and said,

“Mama, when you miss what you don’t have, just remember what you do have.”

And I am surprised to see that not only am I teaching one or two good things to that boy {with a whole lotta help of course}, but he is teaching me good things, too.

There are gargantuan problems in this world, and it’s easy to just wave a hand at our little troubles, or feel guilty for being sad over a small loss. But sometimes we are reminded of big truths from lamenting the loss of something little.

And now, each time I look at my new little bamboo plant, my lament turns to praise, and I am thankful.

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  1. says

    As the owner of a brown thumb, I lament with you–but what a wise statement from your son!

    PS: Two of the books in your pile in the photo are on my TBR shelf.

  2. says

    Oh. My. Word. Your son’s words made me gasp. And start to cry…if you only knew how much I needed this today my friend. Thank you isn’t enough. These words go deep into my soul.

  3. says

    Out of the mouths of babes…oh how God teaches us through the words of our children! I would have cried too if I were you. God cares about all our problems…no matter the size. Thanks for your word-weaving that puts it all in perspective!
    Love and blessings,