When You Need Some Fresh Air of Your Own

The calendar tells me it’s February, but my mind and body are convinced it’s April or May. Our January was long, and since this business with Faith’s broken neck slammed down on us, November and December weren’t exactly a church picnic. We usually talk about how time flies, but lately my time moves in slow-mo. One month feels like three. Am I the only one who sometimes experiences this?

Speaking of Faith, I’m thankful to report her vertebrae are healing and fusing like good little bones. I jumped up and down and cried when I heard this but fought the temptation to hug the neurosurgeon. {He’s a kind but reserved man; not the hugging kind. Plus I guess that’d just be kinda weird?} We heard this news two weeks ago, and I find myself still exhaling from it. Funny how I didn’t even know I was holding my breath.

With Faith needing to wear the brace two more weeks {ish}, we see a light at the end of the tunnel. She already takes it off at home on her down times, and the muscles in her head and neck are waking up and getting used to working again. I am slowly getting used to not reminding her to “be careful, be careful, be careful” a hundred times a day. I laugh at myself when I realize how second nature it’s become for those two words to fly out of my mouth.

Holding onto Christ and walking by faith kept me from turning cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs through the ordeal, and we have all learned difficult, wouldn’t-trade-for-anything lessons. But the need to rest in Jesus means I admit I’m tired.

I explain this to a friend, how this business with Faith and other things have me flat-lined, especially creatively. In her words-that-soothe-a-dry-soul way, she tells how busier, more difficult seasons leave our emotional and physical bank accounts empty, and this causes everything to suffer. Lately both have received withdrawal after withdrawal, so I know she’s right.

Sometimes I wish to write here more often. But you see, I don’t want to write just to have something to post, I want to post because I have something to write. And I want to write because I have something to say that encourages you. So if I’m a little quieter here and there, it’s only because I’m depositing into those accounts so I have something good to give. It’s the only way I know to ensure my encouragement stays the fresh air kind.

Speaking of ‘fresh air encouragement’, I am reworking my tagline. However, I want to keep those three words as part of it. I want to lose the ‘country girl’ part. Oh, I am a country girl as much as ever, but that part of me doesn’t take front and center in my writing like I thought it would. So if you have any thoughts on a good tagline – maybe insight into what you feel you get from my blog – I would love, love, love your suggestions and input!

I love you, darlings. You are fresh air to me! Thank you for being gloriously beautiful you.

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  1. says

    I love tag-lines, and I LOVE your current one because I really can see in your writing that you are very much a country girl. But since we all like to shake things up once in awhile, I totally understand your desire to change it. I think you should play up the fact that your words offer us a breath of fresh air in a polluted world filled with haze and darkness.

    I thought of “fresh air encouragement in a tainted/murky/fallen world” — or something like that. Good luck with this. Excited to see what you come up with:)

  2. says

    I have a hard time believing you are creatively flat-lining when you can write so beautifully as this. When your pulse picks up again, the rest of us better watch out. I do love your blog. Among the sea of online chatter (and a wealth of high-quality chatter at that!), I know I can land here and find the honesty of a mom’s heart, a Jesus-girl’s hope, and a writer’s longing to weave something beautiful. Fresh air, indeed. Thank you, Kristen!

  3. says

    Love your posts, your authenticity. They don’t come across as daunted at all, in fact, I love the word “undaunted,” in your tag line. Be sure to keep that, and keep up the sentiment that brings us all a sweet breath, scented with heavenly air.

  4. Paola Rarick says

    Here are some words I think of when I think of your writing. Enlightening, honest, fresh air (definately), open, free, life giving. Glad to hear you are going to be making some deposits. It is what we need in order to be our best selves for others.

  5. says

    You are wonderful. Truly, truly wonderful. I’ve been praying for you and your family for (what feels like 3 months) now!! :) Thank you for consistently being honest and relentlessly pointing us to Him.

    Tagline…Wow, that’s hard. I agree that “undaunted” is one of the words in your current tagline that grabs me. Maybe you could just change “country girl” to something else that defines who you are. But then I also like Amy@makemeamary’s idea. Heh, good luck deciding!! 😉

    • says

      Just to know you’ve been praying, Sarah? Well, that makes me want to hug the living daylights outta you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

      Hmmm, I was thinking of dropping the “undaunted” part too, but now you and Maureen have me rethinking that plan? I’ll keep praying on it! Who knew coming up with 6 or 7 little words could be so tricky!? Thank you for helping a sister out!

  6. says

    So perfectly said. I keep telling Cory my mojo is gone. There’s too much going on here. Too many doctor’s appointments, too much stress. It’s hard to feel that creative zing. Praying for you and your family, K.

    • says

      Yes, the mojo has left the building. I hear you, sister. But you, *you* have creativity to spare, darling! I so love your writing.

      Thanks for loving us well, Shannan. You are a true friend, and I love you!