When You Wonder Why You Even Try


I sit on my front porch and look around my newish neighborhood where houses tower over trees. Shouldn’t that be the other way around? Discontent breeds in my soul like dandelions in my back yard. My sour mood isn’t helped by my garden, my little patch of earth I tend to more carefully than my own children as toddlers. The growth inside the garden is s l o w, I tell you. My tomato plants sit placid like lethargic teenagers.

Why do I even try? I want to whine and order some 50 foot oak trees and magic gardening mojo STAT.

I do whine, just a little. But the Lord surprises me with this little message. After all, He knows what my real problem is.

If something won’t grow for you, then you grow something else.

God tenderly holds our dreams, the ones with fragile petals and deep roots. God is interested in answering the root desires of those dreams because He knows they will best fulfill our soul-longing.

So I find sitting at the computer eases the pain of my lackluster yard, and tapping out a garden of words grows good things in my soul. I put a lot of time into it, no matter what others give or take from the words.

So why do I even try?

Because I’m growing a towering oak tree, one way or another.

What are you growing these days?

On Thursdays ’round here, we share out of the blue stories. We’ve written about answered prayers, friendship, adventures, gratitude, mistakes, apologies, confidence, goodbyes, special places, and even photos. What surprise you share is up to you~the sky’s the limit! Just tell us how God used something right out of the blue to build your faith, give you joy, or encourage your heart in the midst of your day. 

Some things to remember:

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  1. says

    Girl we can’t grow squat either. :-) My hubby and I have killed soooooo many plants! He fantasizes about having a huge greenhouse and a vegetable garden and fruit trees someday. I laugh. Maybe when we’re retired and we have time to tend all those things. We kill even the hardiest plants right now. We just don’t have the gift. And that’s okay with me because I hate getting dirty!

    • says

      At least it ain’t just me {weak smile}. I have local friends whose gardens are ahhmazing. If only my effort could count for more than it does. Ha!

  2. says

    I am having a “Why do I even try” kind of week…My mom has an ultra green thumb and though I’ve been nursing some gerbera daisies in my front bed, the weeds have emerged victorious next to my paltry daisies :(. I linked up, but since I am a technological dinosaur, I can’t get your “Out of the Blue” banner to appear on my post (my computer savvy kids may have to help me). Even my writing this week has been a challenge. So what am I growing? Perhaps patience or self acceptance when my life seems lackluster? Or maybe I’m growing confidence that I don’t have to do anything well sometimes and God still loves me just as much as ever! You hit home this week girl!
    Love and ((hugs)),

  3. says

    I’m hoping to come back later & link-up; if I still have thoughts in my brain after my boys get to bed :)

    We live in “new housing” on post, so we have tiny trees too. It’s weird! And this is the 2nd time we’ve lived in a neighborhood like this so now our wish list includes “mature trees.”

    What am I growing right now? Perhaps a smidge of courage and a lot of confidence in God’s plans!

  4. says

    I’ve so enjoyed reading your blog in recent days. I can certainly relate to this post at times. Thank you for your authentic writing. – Also, I linked up twice because the first link was broken. Please feel free to delete that one. Sorry!

  5. says

    I was so sad a couple of years ago when my neighborhood required long time trees to be removed and new little ones put in – most were storm damaged, but mine was so beautifully strong and lush… When they put in the spindly new one, it was disheartening. But it is growing faster than I thought. Blessings to your garden to grow exponentially!

    I love your analogy to growing a garden here with your words! :)

  6. says

    Oh these dreams…..yes it seems that after the pruning lately what in the world could be left. I am believing that He’s trimmed away all the unecessary because some amazing is coming :) Can’t wait to see your oak tree!!

  7. says

    Hello Kristen! It’s so good to have you back. Beautiful words, as always! I almost didn’t link-up as I wasn’t sure I had something that was really an out of the blue surprise. This morning though God showed Himself in a way I truly needed and it still surprises me how He has a way of doing that.
    (((hugs))) to you friend.